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We are your trusted choice for residential plumbing and HVAC services here in Tempe, Arizona. When you’re in need of emergency plumbing or HVAC assistance, we’re the team you can count on, no matter the time or day.

Our emergency services are punctual, whether it’s the middle of the night, a holiday, or a weekend. We arrive promptly to address urgent issues like clogged drains, sewer repair, pipe replacement, and leak repairs. At Saguaro Plumbing and Air, our highly trained technicians excel in handling any plumbing or HVAC problem that may arise in your home or business.

Rest assured, we are fully licensed, bonded, and certified professionals known for our reliability and extensive experience. When you need help, we’re ready to respond swiftly and effectively. Choose Saguaro Plumbing and Air for all your plumbing and HVAC needs in Tempe, Arizona. 

Facing plumbing issues? Whether it's a plumbing problem or a drain cleaning concern, Saguaro Plumbing and Air is here to provide the assistance you need.

Our industry-trained call center agents are ready to dispatch the right expert plumber to resolve your issue. Give us a call at (623) 343-4953 and share the details of your situation. We’ll ask a few questions to ensure we send the most qualified professional to your doorstep.

It’s common for people to mix up plumbing and drain cleaning. Plumbing encompasses the design, assembly, replacement, and repair of your entire plumbing system. If you require re-piping or have broken or leaking pipes, a skilled plumber is what you need. For bathroom remodeling projects, count on our experienced plumbers at Saguaro Plumbing and Air. With a heritage spanning over ninety years, we’ve encountered and successfully handled it all. Our plumbers are fully licensed, bonded, certified, reliable, and seasoned experts, always ready to assist you. We’re available to serve you, and there are no additional charges for emergencies, holidays, or overtime. 

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Saguaro Plumbing and Air: Your Arizona Plumber and HVAC Solution Provider

We’re not your run-of-the-mill plumbing and HVAC service; we’re your neighbors. Our team of certified technicians is well-versed in tackling the challenges that Arizona homes often face. Whether it’s fixing a leaky pipe, getting your AC back in action, or ensuring your plumbing system runs smoothly, we’re here to help. 

drain cleaning arizona

Drain Cleaning

Say goodbye to clogged drains and slow water flow. Our expert drain cleaning service will have your pipes flowing smoothly in no time

emergency plumber arizona

Emergency Plumber

Our emergency plumber service is here to respond swiftly to your urgent plumbing needs. Whether it's a burst pipe or a major leak, you can count on us to provide timely solutions.

faucet repair arizona

Faucet Repair

Our faucet repair service is designed to address leaks promptly, improve water efficiency, and ensure your faucets function smoothly.

garbage disposal repair arizona

Garbage Disposal Repair

Having trouble with your garbage disposal? We'll fix it, so you can get back to a hassle-free kitchen cleanup.

leak repair arizona

Leak Repair

Leaks can be costly and cause damage. Our leak repair service identifies and fixes leaks promptly, saving you money and headaches.

sewer line and excavation arizona

Sewer Line and Excavation

Our sewer line and excavation service utilizes advanced techniques to resolve issues, minimizing disruption to your property.

shower repair arizona

Shower Repair

Our shower repair service is dedicated to restoring your shower's performance, ensuring you enjoy a refreshing and uninterrupted bathing experience.

sink repair arizona

Sink Repair

From leaky faucets to brand new sinks, our skilled team handles it all. We'll repair or install sinks to enhance your kitchen and bathroom.

slab lear repair arizona

Slab Leak Repair

We specialize in detecting and repairing slab leaks, preserving your home's integrity and preventing further harm.

sump pump repair arizona

Sump Pump

Protect your home from potential flooding with our sump pump installation and repair service.

toilet repair arizona

Toilet Repair

A malfunctioning toilet can disrupt your daily routine. Our toilet repair service ensures your bathroom is back in working order swiftly.

water heater repair arizona

Water Heater Repair

Don't suffer through a cold shower. Our water heater repair service ensures you have hot water when you need it most.


From leak detection to emergency AC repair, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for someone to fix your hot water heater or maybe just want some advice on how best to maintain the quality of life in your home, our team is here with all answers at hand!